UCT Orientation Week 2012

With over 5000 students recently enrolled at UCT from all over the world, we have had the amazing privilege of preparing for them, and reaching many of them with the transforming story of Christ! Truths of the gospel were also boldly shared with Christians: some on the borderline of ‘growing into strong disciples of Christ’ and the recklessness of the ‘varsity’ lifestyle, and some God fearing students were connected to our local church at the Baxter Theatre.

It is our prayer that for the duration of their studies, these students find in us a safe and secure place they can call family and grow in their knowledge of God and their ability to hear and obey God’s destiny for their lives.

His People Campus Ministries Table on Plaza

Takalani, me & Chiko at the His People Campus Ministries Table on Plaza

Thank you for praying with us! It is so true… we are definitely going from glory to glory! This year has truly been our best year yet! There are so many wonderful testimonies of what has happened so far.  God has answered so many of our prayers and I would like to highlight just three short testimonies over this period.



So many non-students from our church community went on this year’s mission to reach students. We had people whose ages ranged from 5yrs old to 80yrs old join us!

The connect group leaders really stepped up in their leadership and were able to host about 71 small events, across the 17 students residences, over the two week period. It was our most effective ‘orientation’ mission to date! Please watch this fun video with a few of our  student leaders sharing  a bit about the mission as they were setting up our society stall on campus.

A Church on a Mission to Forest Hill Residence


We were so excited by the students that got saved! It made all our planning and all the events worthwhile. Another goal of the mission was to connect students to other

believers in their residences so that they would grow and be discipled. We were simply delighted when over 200 students signed up for connect groups!

Outreach team to Woolsack Residence

3.THE AFTERMATH:Using the momentum built up from the mission we planned a Volunteer Sunday after the mission to mobilise those that had been gathered or impacted by the mission. 380 new people signed up to volunteer and serve across the different ministries in our church- what supernatural fruitfulness!

Truly the mission was an incredible kick-start to the year!