Raising Leaders



This semester we planted two new connect groups (small groups). The one is based in Rondebosch, and is a mixed connect group for ‘non-residence’ students lead by Serge.

The other connect group teaches biblical Christian foundations from the Purple Book (Christian foundations) in Tugwell, and is lead by our gifted student, Vee. She is such a great teacher.


and some of the girls in the Purple Book (Christian foundations) group in Tugwell











This semester also found me spending lots of time visiting and teaching the beautiful Tugwell ladies at the various connect groups in that residence.  It’s a times such as these that I realise again how much I love what I do! I am truly thankful to all of you who support this ministry to students. I am always amazed and humbled at the power of God’s Word and the ability it has to create things out of nothing…how simple moments like these have the profound ability to change lives and even shift whole generations for Jesus. In the picture below I went  to speak on ‘God’s grace for your future’: their academics and service in society through their vocations, their families and communities.


Every semester we run Women of the Word (WOW), Men of the Word (MOW), ‘Read and Lead'(RnL) and Purple Book courses and we have seen the greatest fruit yet in raising potential leaders through these fora. In my pastorate alone we have sent 78 students through these courses this year. I am so encouraged by the supernatural fruitfulnes; seeing students discipling and labouring to see Christ formed in the hearts and lives of their peers.

One of the WOW groups we facilitated this semester having lunch together


A few weeks ago I also had the incredible privilege of organising the second connect group leaders’ training for the year where we trained 29 new leaders for our Congregational connect groups. Twelve students from my pastorate (one of three pastorates at UCT) were trained to be connect group leaders. It has really been a year of maturing and growing our leaders.

The mighty André teaching on discipleship at the connect group leaders’ training.

Of course we know we wouldn’t truly grow if our faith wasn’t tested – there have been a number of obstacles that we continue to pray for and believe God to help us overcome.

Please could you trust God with us for the following:

  • Some of our students are struggling financially and they may have to stop studying indefinitely until their parents can afford the rest of their tuition. We are praying for miracles!
  • One of our student residences has banned small group meetings of a religious nature starting next year. Please pray for this and trust with us for favour as we meet with University administration to contest this.

Warm Fun with our Spring princess!

As a family with a toddler, we try and keep to a workable schedule. Kids, being kids learn fast! I just had to share Yara’s interpretation of our weekly routine: Monday she rests & has fun with Mummy; Tuesday we go to Mom’s and Tots, Wednesday Ntsiki (her nanny) comes, Thursday Ouma comes; Friday Ntsiki comes again; Saturday is rugby and Sunday we go to children’s church! It’s just that simple!

Snack time for the Tots as the Mom’s have a chat and a cup of tea!

Yara absolutely loves Mom’s and Tots and we could sense her little heart grow sad with the thought of a short spring break. Her wonderful teacher, Ridza, made up for it however when she got all the toddlers to make festive spring crowns on their last day! While my little Spring Princess munched on snacks with the other little ones, us mom’s had a chat and a much needed cup of tea!

Applying Yara’s learning of seasons to family fun, we decided, on the first sunny Saturday in Spring to go to the beach. We went to feel the sand and water between our toes and say hello to the prospect of warmer weather!

Our kid(s) and I!

Yara and her Daddy

Campus Harvest & African Dream Conference 2012

The annual Campus Harvest Conference took on epic proportions this year as we partnered with the Cape Town citywide African Dream Conference. What a celebration we had! The event created an important moment to celebrate God and to be challenged to be the difference on our continent.

The conference boasted a great line of seasoned speakers: Steve Murrell’s sermon on ‘Discipleship Revolution’  impacted everyone greatly! The sermons are not available yet but his book Wiki Church is incredible, and a must read (available here ) It will ruin you for the simplicity of the great commission!

Another amazing conference speaker, Lynette Lewis, came to the Baxter and spoke a similar message she preached at the conference which was particularly encouraging to our single young adults. Click here to listen to the complete sermon: Remember the Roses.
These are a few highlights from the conference: