A place to call ‘home’

 New PictureThose who are without friends, God puts in families Ps 68:6

When University starts up every semester, we make sure that the students have an opportunity to get connected to the local church so that they have a spiritual home and family here in Cape Town. One of the ways we do this is through a very important element in the life of the church: small groups (or, as we call them, connect groups).

These connect groups are where real spiritual growth takes place as students connect with and learn from each other. It is in and through these groups that they get deeper into the Word, pray with others, grow their faith, are transformed, discover their purpose, make lifelong friends, and are cared for. At the beginning of the semester we had a ‘connect group drive’ where we made sure the students were aware of connect groups and encouraged them to get connected by signing up for one. Incredibly, we had 200 people sign up for groups! I had the amazing opportunity to preach on “Biblical Community” on the Sunday of the connect drive, and to encourage students to get plugged in.

I also went to visit the Glendower Residence (GlenRes) connect group, one of the groups I oversee, the following week. It was wonderful to see so many young people coming together in the residence for an engaging evening of exploring the doctrine of sin. The leader of the GlenRes group, Ayanda, is exceptional, she has built tremendous team dynamic. There was a definite sense of family as different members organized the games, prayer, and the discussion for that evening.

20130801_205625Since returning from maternity leave, it has been so inspiring for me to visit the connect groups I oversee, and to see them full of passion for God and life!

Please pray with us as we work to increase the number of connect groups over this semester. We are planting a new connect group in Tugwell Hall Residence, splitting the existing connect group in GlenRes into two and raising more leaders in Forest Hill and our ‘off campus’ connect groups. We are trusting God that all the leaders will be passionate about obeying God’s command to make disciples and be excellent shepherds.

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