Western Cape Campus Ministries

10 Day Missions, Cape Town:

It was wonderful to have the arrival of extra labourers to help us minister on our campuses. The team jumped in all across the city and they were a wonderful blessing wherever they went! They evangelised at UCT and also to the youth at Thandokhulu High School in Mowbray. They were also very busy at CPUT Bellville and UWC helping with evangelism, ‘following-up’ new Christians and starting ‘discipleship groups’.

What an honour to welcome the team from USA for the Cape Town 10 Day Mission with Nathi. They were so excited to be here.

What an honour to welcome the team from the USA for the Cape Town 10 Day Mission with Nathi. They were so excited to be here.

WCCL 10 day mission

I enjoyed joining the team at UCT to evangelise in the UH dining hall.


















Regional Campus Leaders’ Summit:

The Western Cape campus leaders all worked together to host the Regional Campus Leaders’ Summit (RCLS). About 100 campus ministers from all across Africa came together to build relationships, be inspired and and strategically plan a few years ahead. This was followed up immediately by the very first Every Nation Africa conference, “The Beat”.

rcls tables

Ready and waiting to register the RCLS 2015 team.

opening night 3

First RCLS night of eating and fellowshipping.


Day of meetings for the campus leaders.


RCLS fun on the Red Bus!











The Conference was an incredible time to hear stories from other nations, upcoming church plants form Africa, and to agree in prayer together as a family of churches across the continent. The theme of “The Beat” was to hear God’s heartbeat for the nations, to unite and to move. Gathering together in the presence of God really fostered unity. As we heard reports from different nations it was clear what to rally around and move forward with.


Praying for different nations at the staff meeting.


The ‘electric’ first night of “The Beat” conference.









Ministry Internship:


In keeping with one of our Western Cape Campus Leaders’ objectives, to raise campus ministers, we have been working on a city wide ministry internship programme which is set to begin in 2016.

10 Day Missions, Kenya:



Lastly, we have been organising for Western Cape Campus Ministries to GO on a 10 day mission to Nairobi, Kenya to serve the new church plant that is being led by the amazing Frans & Deb. Our Cape Town teams went in two rotations: UCT and Stellenbosch went first, from the 21st to the 27th of November; and Tygerberg Medical Campus went from the 27th of November to 5th of December, and were joined by students and community folk from other Every Nation churches (they had 7 teams GO to Kenya!). The report back has been incredible with around 30 small groups started in this time! It has been amazing to see and hear the results of this and we know that God will continue to bless the work in Kenya.



When Frans and Deb went to start the church plant in Kenya, I took over from Deb in her role with LIT in the Western Cape. She has set up an incredible framework for LIT to expand in the Western Cape, and she started a strong program at the UCT campus. LIT looks to inspire students in their careers and in transforming society, as well as to awaken leaders to apply Biblical thought in every area of life.

UCT Campus Ministries runs 4 events to get their students thinking, and to kick start the process of exploring what a Biblical model looks like for their vocation. After the initial introduction, the students then continue this exciting exploration through the mentorship program which runs alongside it.

In my role with LIT, I’ve continued to work with the existing program at UCT, and I’ve also launched LIT programs at the Stellenbosch, CPUT and Tygerberg campuses.

We have run some really great events in conjunction with the Campus Ministries. Recently, at the end of the academic year, we had two “Career Shift” events at UCT and Stellenbosch for those graduating in 2015, those who graduated recently, and those who are currently doing their honours or masters degrees to help prepare them for their transition from university into the workplace.

At both of these campuses, we had esteemed, Christian, working professionals there to share what they wish they had known going into the workplace, and give advice based on their experiences. At UCT, we broke up into 8 chat hubs to have more job specific discussions after the Q&A. These chat hubs were led by LIT mentors in the congregation. We had great feedback from both students and mentors attesting to the relevance of this event.

UCT "Life after Varsity" panellists, Dr. Nyati & Jonathan Miller

UCT “Life After Varsity” panelists: Dr. Nyati & Jonathan Miller.

UCT "Life after Varsity"

UCT “Life After Varsity”

UCT "Life after Varsity" Vocational hub conversations with mentors

UCT “Life After Varsity” vocational hub conversations with mentors.

University of Stellenbosch, LIT launch "Life after Varsity"

At the University of Stellenbosch LIT launch: “Life after Varsity”.

University of Stellenbosch, "Life after Varsity" panellists,

University of Stellenbosch “Life after Varsity” panelists: Ewald Van Rooyen, Felicity Barker, Warren Joubert and Brandon Pascal.

We had an opportunity to respond to current affairs with the event, “Responding to Xenophobia in the Real World” at UCT. This was an opportunity for students and interested people to participate in a discussion about the issues surrounding this and the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ protest movement that was started on the UCT campus. This was a useful event that resulted in good personal discoveries for the people present, which were helpful in understanding and shaping the thinking around the issues that have arisen from these crises. We learned from the attendees the need for safe spaces for Christians to ask questions, and unpack issues around national transformation as it pertains to racism, tribalism and xenophobia, which are things we plan to work on as we move forward.

We have also had some good, in-depth teaching, which we got a chance to facilitate at Tygerberg Medical Campus for 4 weeks. During this time we taught on the theology of work and introduced the idea of worldviews through the LIT course ‘Ideas that Shape History’. We did all this from a Health Science angle by having Christian Health Science professionals who have studied the biblical approach to their vocation teach, give relevant applications and respond to questions from the students.

Discussing "loving God with all your mind" as a medical doctor

Tygerberg Medical Campus, Discussing “loving God with all your mind” as a medical doctor.

Lastly, we have inspired and grown our mentorship base at UCT and CPUT through our Mentors’ Days. The days have succeeded in attracting and gathering Christian professionals, and have highlighted the need for them to walk alongside students in their churches. The mentors days have helped mentors see how they can incorporate the mentorship of one or two students into their lifestyle.

His People Baxter (UCT), Mentors Day

His People Baxter (UCT), Mentors’ Day.

His People City Bowl (CPUT) Mentors Day

His People City Bowl (CPUT) Mentors’ Day.

Officiating My First Wedding

Thati's Wedding

What a wonderful experience it was to be asked to officiate at the wedding of someone I have known since her first year of university! These are some of my greatest highlights in ministry – the relationships you form and the privilege of walking alongside people throughout their lives. It was a very special experience for Raldo and I to take Thati and Sikhumbuzo through their premarital counselling. Despite all the preparation our ministry team gave me, I was still nervous to officiate at their wedding, as this was my first time doing it. Nothing can quite prepare you for that first experience! But the beautiful couple and their amazing families made it much easier and a very enjoyable experience. The ceremony itself and the whole day were filled with God’s presence, His beauty and so much love as this beautiful couple were covenanted in marriage! True to His character, God made it a glorious day. A huge congratulations  to Mr. & Mrs. Sibanda!


The Dream Expands…

This year I have seen the expansion of God’s dream for my life with the start of a new chapter in my Campus Ministry journey.

I carry two intertwined roles in this new season. One is serving as a Western Cape Campus Leader for the His People and Every Nation Campuses, strategically helping campus ministries within the Western Cape grow and multiply. In the Western Cape we have campus ministries at UCT, CPUT, UWC, Tygerberg Medical Campus, the University of Stellenbosch and Boland College.

FullSizeRender (11)

Western Cape Campus Leaders social event.

I work with JJ in the City-wide Campus role. The role specifically focuses on enhancing the productivity and fruition of the campus ministers in 5 key areas:

1.Growing and establishing effective, powerful, and life changing God encounters


3. Discipleship

4. Raising and empowering student leaders to be released on the campus and later in society

5. World Missions

The campuses will be collaborating with each other to grow in the 5 key areas. During this first phase we will focus on four areas: our unity, taking LIT (see below) to our campuses over the next 3 years, looking at campus staff development (including raising new Campus Ministry staff), and growing our focus on World Missions. The mission fields we will focus on outside of the Western Cape are new campus ministry plants in Port Elizabeth and Kenya, and the strengthening of the campus ministry in Pietermaritzburg.

The other part of my new role is as the LIT coordinator for the Western Cape. LIT stands for ‘Leaders in Transformation‘. It is an institution that works to equip Christian student leaders to impact all spheres of society, and to act as “thought leaders” to influence the affairs of nations in the Southern African region and beyond. My role entails launching the program on the 6 campuses in the Western Cape. This is part of the main strategic objective we continuously have as Campus Ministries, which is to make disciples that transform society. We hope and trust that this program will be a huge step forward in raising up students to transform every sphere of society and bring the Good News into workplaces and businesses. I am excited to see where this takes us!




The End of an Era- Passing On the Leadership Baton!

I remember writing about how reaching 10 years in ministry was naturally a time to celebrate, reflect and look ahead. Little did I know that 10 years in ministry would mark a ‘sudden’ shift and the beginning of new things for me in ministry.

After being a missionary on the University of Cape Town campus for 10 years, things have changed! This is a very good thing; God truly has our days planned, and He continuously leads us and grows us! Ministering at UCT has been an amazing journey of pioneering, serving, leading, reaching students, growing in ministry and discovering my gifts. Of the 10 years I have been at UCT I have ministered alongside Roshni for 9 years! We were together so much, we even got called by each other’s names, as our names both begin with an ‘R! As God would have it, we have both transitioned from UCT in the same year – making it feel like the end of an era, and the beginning of a completely new season.

ru rosh 3

My ministry buddy, the amazing Roshni – a true World Changer!

rosh leaves 2

Roshni’s Congregational farewell as she is released by the His People Baxter elders and joins the Mauritius Church Plant team.

rosh leaves

Roshni had so many farewells! This was just one of them at one of her favourite places, The Cape Grace Hotel.

ru rosh 2

Seeing Roshni off at the Cape Town airport. Bon voyage, Roshni!

It is both sad and exciting that Roshni has moved back to her country of birth, Mauritius, to be a part of pioneering an Every Nation plant, reaching young people. Of course, it’s sad that we don’t get to keep working together to reach and impact students in Cape Town. I miss her so much! But it is exciting to see God’s purposes displayed; to see God call her to GO to the nations, and specifically her own nation, with the Good News she received here as a student herself. We know that she will lead many to the Lord and make disciples in Mauritius!

The His People Campus Ministry at UCT is in the capable and amazing hands of Pastors Humphrey, and Chinelle Bande (a couple we have worked with and walked with for many years), and Andre Peek works alongside them as the third Campus Pastor. Roshni led a great transition plan for both of us over the last 10 months to ensure the smoothest hand over. This is indeed a new season and I am excited to see all that God will do and accomplish in and through this next season for both of us.


Praying for Humphrey, Chinelle and Andre at their ordination earlier this year