God and Justice



In response to much of the political and national debates happening on our campuses and in our nation, a group of us from across the His People churches have come together to initiate response and service to the campuses and our communities at this time. We have had the honor of putting together a ‘God and Justice’ sermon series for the Cape Town His People churches that was leading up to the local government elections. The response has been really good. Many students have said that they are so glad their church is finally speaking and addressing some of the issues that are burning in their hearts from a biblical perspective.

We split the sermon series into “God’s Heart for Justice“, “God and Social Justice” and “God and Political Justice“. At the end of the series we asked if there was anyone who felt called to serve in government, whether in student government on campuses or in local and/or national government. We will be meeting with these students in September to inspire and encourage them on their journey.


I had the privilege of preaching on “God and Social justice” at His People Baxter

Following on from the God and Justice series, there are many collaborations we are a part of so we can keep communication open and work towards unity and change in our nation. Two such initiatives are Real Talk events in August – a frank public conversation about race and the other initiative is the first Justice Conference in Africa, which will be in March 2017.

Info graphic - 24-25 August




Leaders in Transformation (LIT)

Leaders in Transformation (LIT) at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT):

LITLeaders in Transformation (LIT) at Cape Peninsula University of Technology went deeper and further this year after its launch toward the end of last year. We started the year with an amazing  sermon series on “Reclaiming the Kingdom” at the His People City Bowl church, followed by bi-monthly workshops on the different spheres of society (Business, Government, Education, Science & Technology, Family, Arts & Media and the Church) to facilitate a network and to engage possibilities for ‘godly” influence and transformation in each sphere. Each workshop has been so powerful, eye opening and faith building for all those attending.

We have just had the 5th discussion, which centered around God and family.

In addition to this, LIT in conjunction with the His People City Bowl church and the campus ministry held an event at the CPUT campus called “I have a Dream”. It was an incredible day of inspiring and encouraging students to lift up their eyes and dare to believe that God has a plan and a dream to use them to impact and transform their societies through their field of study, and later, through the vocation they will spend most of their days as graduates pursuing. We had lots of testimonies and we broke up into interactive sessions to set the seen for the future mentor-ship of students. We now have 75 CPUT students seeking mentor-ship, and some of our mentors from the His People Baxter church have stepped in to help mentor students at CPUT.