Planting Seeds- Changing Destinies

All across the five* campuses where our Every Nation Church ministries are active, we are currently engaged in welcoming in a total of about 15000 first year students beginning their studies. It’s an epic moment in the university calendar, a time marked by a myriad of emotions for these young people and future leaders – from sheer anticipation and excitement of what the future holds, to fear and apprehension. It can be a challenging time to say the least in the hearts and minds of these young people. As a campus ministry with a focus on bringing Jesus, his heart and truths to students, we take very seriously the unique opportunity we have to sow eternal, imperishable seeds into their hearts that will profoundly shape and change the trajectory of their lives and unique career paths and ultimate destinies.

On the cusp of a new year, we covet your support and prayers this February over this pool of students. Please consider partnering with us in prayer that:

  • God would awaken the students’ hearts to an enduring desire to encounter Him and ultimately follow and obey Jesus.
  • For those students already in the faith, that they would find a firm and nurturing spiritual family with us or other churches on Campus. 
  • The Father would send more faithful labourers into this ripe harvest field.
  • There would be unity and strategic collaboration between the various Christian ministries active on our campuses to win many to Jesus.
  • The hearts and minds of the students would be prepared to apply themselves with all diligence to their fields of study in this academic year.

Indeed 2018 promises to be a full year where we will anticipate the miracles and working of the Holy Spirit on our campuses. Thank you again for your continued support of this mission!

*Cape Town University of Technology (CPUT), Stellenbosch University (SU), Tygerberg Medical Campus, University of Cape Town (UCT)  and the University of the Western Cape (UWC)

plaza 1

Societies on Plaza for Orientation week at UCT, 2018

plaza 2

Sitting at the Every Nation Campus Table with our Campus staff and student leaders