The Harvest of incorruptible seeds

We are now well into the first semester on Campus as we approach the mid-semester break. After mobilizing and going out on our most strategic mission this year, God graced us  with 330 responses across our campuses as first year students were engaged by other students and our community church members. During this time I had the opportunity and privilege of encouraging the community to partner with our campus ministries to reach students at the Every Nation Baxter morning service .

Following a fruitful orientation season, our teams (Campus pastors and student leaders) are now establishing students in the faith across our various campuses. As always with every gain, victory and advance we make for God there are untold losses and setbacks but we continue to press FORWARD, believing that the seeds we have sown are incorruptible and WILL produce a harvest  of righteousness in the lives of young leaders that will meet them in their futures. A new generation of students empowered and equipped with the truth of the gospel is truly the hope of our nation- this is our labour on the campuses that the harvest would be light to the world!

So, wherever life meets us all today, may we choose to keep an eternal perspective, boldly proclaiming Jesus Christ, making much of Him and taking His incorruptible seed into every part of our world knowing,- a harvest will come!




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