Happy 2nd birthday, Yara!

We celebrated Yara’s second birthday! It feels like yesterday when we got to hold her in our arms for the first time! To celebrate her life, we threw an animal party (she is mad about animals and music) on her birthday, the 24th of June. Here are some photos…

We had pizza at Col’Cacchio, Cavendish with some family, a few of her friends and their siblings and parents. The kids sat on one end of the table; drawing and playing with animal stickers, producing some wonderful party art in the process. It was low-key but really fun.

My mum was visiting from Zimbabwe and my brother was in town from Joburg. It was so special to have them there!

By the end of the 2 hour party all the kids were running around the table! Lesson learnt: bad time to decide to take posed family photos, she is only two and she wanted to play!

Doulos & Dunamis 2012*- Ministry Training

Doulos & Dunamis Team 2012

Pioneering a new ministry is an incredible journey, and a lot can be learnt along the way. Despite a rocky start to the ‘Year of Service training’  at the beginning of 2010, this year things are going very well!!! We now have a strong team of 7 enthusiastic young people ministering at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Cape Peninsula University of  Technology (CPUT), from 4 African nations! I am truly enjoying setting up this training programme, and watching these young ministers grow!

The programme has two expressions. The first is ‘Doulos’, which is for those dedicating a year to serve and lead in ministry while receiving direct equipping, relevant training and ministry impartation. The second is ‘Dunamis’,  which offers training to people who are pursuing a career in vocational ministry. The one year commitment to ‘Dunamis’ is the first phase of the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry (ENSCM). For more information on ENSCM feel free to take a look at the ENSCM profile on our Every Nation Southern Africa Website:

* The ‘Doulos’ and ‘Dunamis’ program is divided into two tracks the ‘training and development’ track and the ‘practical ministry’ track. Both tracks run parallel to each other.