Back to Work

My first day back at work was the 3rd of June. I was back just in time for our biannual strategic team meeting – we call it the “Baxter Indaba” – during which we plan for the next 18 months after a period of prayer. I love these meetings, as I really enjoy dreaming and planning! It was a wonderful start for me, being together with the team and hearing testimonies of the last semester, and getting caught up on all the new and exciting developments on campus. It was also encouraging to have a bigger team this year, including the ‘Year of Your Life’ team. A highlight for me was the number of congregants (i.e. not our vocational ministers) we had giving feedback on the ministries they head up in the church. This is always very exciting for us, as it means that we are actively practicing Ephesians 4:12; equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

After our Indaba we put our most important strategic objectives on one, collective team calendar. We have big prayer needs around the fulfilmentof this God-inspired work; please keep praying with us for our congregation, our community, our campuses and our ministry assignments.


Team Time, working better together


Small group feedback

I work part time, half of the week, so that I can still be at home with my children some of the time. My three main areas of focus at work are:

  • My pastorate at UCT
  • Year Of Your Life (YOYL)
  • Leadership Training

Unfortunately I just missed the students when I came back, as they were in their final week of exams that week, and after that they went on their midyear break which lasts until mid-July. As a result, I got a good amount of time to catch up with the team overseeing my pastorate (Muofhe & Chinelle), to assess where we are and plan for the next 18 months. We are excited to grow our leadership base in the next 18 months by focusing on and pioneering more connect groups, actively raising, equipping and mentoring more leaders. We have already begun creatimg better systems to ensure our existing leaders can excel in their leadership and see multiplication.

The Year of Your Life (YOYL) team and the students in the School of Campus Ministries were still active at the time, so I got to catch up with the YOYL team and finish up with the School of Campus Ministries students (I mentor the Cape Town Students that are training to be campus ministers).

I’m off to a good start and I’m excited to be back to continue reaching students, building Christ into their lives and raising leaders for God’s purposes!